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Pauline Faieff, "faepaulinee", neither a model nor a photographer.

She is a passionate French artist, unconfined by narrow definitions, who thrives in the space of creativity. Sometimes acting as an art director, sometimes as her own muse, she blends poetry, femininity and tenderness.

Her nude art is an echo of freedom, an absolute expression of self.

Her artistic journey is not just confined to the creation of art; it’s an ongoing exploration of self-love and the celebration of natural beauty. Committed to challenging societal norms and stereotypes, she empowers others to embrace their imperfections and find confidence in their uniqueness.

In Pauline’s world, art is not just an expression but a way of life, a tool for change, and a path to discovering the myriad facets of humanity.


  • 'Paulus' - NFT IST, Turkey, November 2023

  • 'Nature's painting' - Belgium, November 2023

  • 'Bared intimacy: Oscillations of Mystery & Revelation', Lezar Gallery, Barcelona, October 2023

  • 'Les balades de Pauline' - Crypto Art Seoul, Seoul, September 2023

  • 'my body, my rules' - IHAM gallery, Paris, August 2023

  • 'my body, my rules' - NFC Lisbon, June 2023

  • 'Terracotta' - NFT Bali, May 2023

  • 'Terracotta' - Mecenate Fine Art, Roma, October 2022


  • 'Bared intimacy: Oscillations of Mystery & Revelation', Lezar Gallery, Barcelona, October 2023

  • 'Nude photography Lab', Lisbon, June 2023

"The nude art because it is my therapy to love myself without wearing a mask, because it is the first step to learn to be true to oneself,

to stop believing that a perfect body exists and to finally accept our own imperfections that make us all so beautiful in our differences.


Because nudity is nature, because nudity is art, because nudity is bravery,

because nudity is beautiful and true in a world full of pretence.

Because the freedom to be is too often threatened by the rules of society.

We should never be afraid to be free and we should be able to do what we want with our own bodies, as long as it is not at the expense of others.

Because I want to help others be more confident and love themselves,

no matter what social media and society want us to believe about who we should be to please.


Because I still believe in humanity."

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