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Wild in the city

I speak very little about myself, perhaps because until some time ago

I didn’t consider it interesting or that I could be interesting, maybe it’s not the place to apprehend the subject of self-confidence, or is it?

I was heavily harassed, bullied and constantly judge about my body when I was a child and still am (too skinny, too fat depending on the trend); we live in a world where appearance has become more important than everything else, it makes people crazy, sad, unhappy, envious _______

(you can fill in the blank with all possible negative adjectives).

In recent years, I have started, thanks to photography, to love myself more, to take care of myself, through the appreciation of my body.

The insecurities have not disappeared, the moments of weakness neither but the vision of myself to evolve and this, especially when

I pose naked. The very first time I felt in harmony with my body was in this restless sea, I felt the waves crashing on my skin and the power of my naked body in this very threatening place.

Since that day I have never stopped to discover myself in all the natural and incredible landscapes that my island, Martinique, offers me. But the adventure and self-discovery didn’t stop there, in June 2022 we left for NFT NYC with my photographer to explore the Urban Jungle. And it was in this place, when all the signals were red to walk around the Big Apple, naked (I mean getting naked in the subway in the USA, who would dare?) that all my fears and apprehensions were put aside to be able to realize “Wild and the city” & the NYC collection.

As they say “No risk, no story”.

Photography has been and is for me this therapy that I wish to share with everyone and especially with those who suffer from self-confidence, there is no miracle solution

but I am sure that everyone can find their cure through art.



Wild in the city
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